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Friday, 7 November 2014

Some People Just Won't Mind Their Business...Lol

So this happened to Mark Zuckerberg yesterday. Mark has long been the target of Internet trolls, and on Thursday the billionaire Facebook founder finally had the chance to shut one down.

Zuckerberg had taken to Facebook Thursday morning to announce that his company would be helping in the global fight against Ebola by providing internet connectivity in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, in order to help medical and aid workers, and also posting information from UNICEF. He then urged everyone to donate money if they could, saying Facebook had created a program that would allow individuals to do so directly, at which point a user from Spain by the name of Pepe Pepe Pepe decided to attack Zuckerberg - but without doing his research first.

The young man commented under Zuckerberg's video:

'Facebook is giving everyone the ability to donate, but how much is Facebook donating ? ... this seems just marketing to me one more time.'
Lucky for Pepe Pepe Pepe, he got a response, just not the one he was probably hoping for.
Zuckerberg responded,
 'I personally donated $25 million and Facebook is spending millions more on providing Internet connectivity in the affected regions.'
And that is how one shuts down an Internet troll.

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